Our software manages the affairs of hundreds of thousands of employees monthly

We offer systems that support the daily routines of personnel management (i.e. soft HR) while managing the calculative and quantitative aspects such as payroll (i.e. hard HR) in enterprises, regardless of their individual character and requirements. Among the strong points of our application is compliance with the requirements of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection and the Personal Data Protection Act.

Our software manages the affairs of hundreds of thousands of employees monthly

Personnel Management

Personnel Management

Our systems handle, for example, human resources management, recruitment, social affairs, or training.

The fully customizable functional scope of these solutions depends on the company's internal policies and expectations, yet they can fully assist the work of the Director of Human Resources and of the entire HR Department.

HR and Payroll

With regard to the HR and payroll, our applications are made up of two mutually complementary components.

One is a knowledge-base on taxes, social security contributions, benefits, leaves, working times, etc. The other accommodates the individual users' needs in companies that follow different rules for the calculation and payment of remuneration.

HR and Payroll - HR

New Technology

Implementing our ERP solutions makes you eligible for technology tax relief!

Our suite of solutions branded Asseco Softlab is a “new technology” within the meaning of the provisions on income tax law; therefore, its purchase for business purposes authorizes the buyer to take advantage of the so-called new technology tax relief. 

A Manager's Opinion


Magdalena Salachna zdjęcie do cytatu

Our Asseco Softlab HR supports the users and entire companies in expediting their processes. It is constantly enriched with new features and solutions that do not only promise a comfortable work of the HR team but also give a sense of sharing and community and a commonly held conviction that the entire staff are one team and one corporate body. For example, not so long ago, we offered our Clients a new approach to management and in-house communication through the use of the manager and employee portals.

Magdalena Salachna
Assistant Director for Key Accounts at the ERP Systems Department



Benefits of Implementing Our HR Solutions

  • Easier management of human resources.
  • Full work automation in the HR and personnel departments.
  • Inclusive documents handling for the entire human resources management.
  • Quick and convenient collection, processing and analysis of personal data in the company.
  • Optimized department costs.
  • Operations corresponding to the existing legislation.
  • Automated data exchange with banks and external systems.
  • Reduced risk of error due to manual work.



Clients About Us

Asseco HR implemented at our company has facilitated work in many HR areas and has made such work evidently productive and efficient. The application has automated and standardized many personnel management processes.

Hanna Rybitwa
HR Director at Autostrada Eksploatacja S.A