Thorough High-Storage Warehouse Management

The program supports different types of warehouses, including goods, material, finished product, and returned product storage facilities.

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    Tworzenie planu pracy wózków widłowych  - Asseso Safo WMS 2.0

    Forklift operation plan

    Asseco Safo WMS 2.0 is able to create forklift activity plans, which means a number of improvements in such areas as:

    task execution in accordance with the current priorities,
    minimizing deadheads,
    neutralizing task overlap.
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    Optymalizacja pracy wózków widłowych  - Asseco Safo WMS 2.0

    Optimization of forklift operation

    Effective management of a warehouse also involves the optimization of forklift action.
    It is done with the recording of such factors as:

    current location of the forklift (coordinates) and its carrying capacity,
    types of tasks awaiting execution and their priorities,
    coordinates of goods picking and putaway locations.
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    Inteligentne zrządzanie magazynem - Asseco Safo WMS 2.0

    Smart warehouse management

    The flexible warehouse and storage area structure definable in the system and the mechanisms of their division facilitate the organization and execution of operations in the warehouse.

    The program defines the criteria of storage, for example, light goods at the top and fast-moving goods at the bottom, and supports the storage process as such by defining storage locations together with their coordinates, size, load-bearing capacity, and type.

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    Wykorzystanie urządzeń mobilnych - Asseco Safo WMS 2.0

    Hand-held devices compatibility

    Asseco Safo WMS 2.0 interoperates with barcode readers and printers, operating in such systems as EAN/UCC-13 and UCC/EAN-128.

    Owing to the radio terminals operating in the on-line mode, the program reduces the number of errors and accelerates the execution of warehouse processes. Besides barcode terminals, the system also liaises with RFID devices and the VoicePicking voice control system.

Functional Span

High-storage warehouse management

wykres wms 2.0




Functional Span

High-storage warehouse management


A broad range
of modules


What Does Our System Do?

Asseco Safo WMS 2.0 enables users to design business processes by means of graphs as well as allowing the control of such processes depending on the current needs of the organization.

The process modelling tools have been developed to enable the design, implementation and deployment of Asseco Safo WMS 2.0. They comprise a shared platform that enables both the Client, analyst and programmers to join forces for the most productive work.

Clients can independently plan their business processes that their WMS system is to execute using graphs (based on the jPDL, jBPM - Business Process Modeling technology) or different types of components, e.g. arrows, questions, information, decisions, etc.

The system can also predefine subprocesses of ready-made components, thus allowing the design of new business processes. The implementation is done by specifying the individual elements, the development of a prototype and delivering it to the Client for testing.

Co oferuje nasz system? - Asseco Safo WMS 2.0

Ponad 150 diagramów wspierających planowanie procesów logistycznych! - Asseco Safo WMS 2.0

Over 150 diagrams supporting the scheduling of logistic processes!

Asseco Safo WMS 2.0 offers over 150 diagrams supporting the planning of such processes as, for example:

receipt in the warehouse, inventory-taking, intrawarehouse and iterwarehouse transfers, loading control, loading, packing, transport of full pallets, picking, and document collection.

New Architecture and Flexibility

Asseco Safo WMS 2.0 features a multi-layer architecture, based on the Oracle database.

The use of Oracle database guarantees the top level of performance, scalability, and data security. This fact, as well as the high flexibility of the solution, makes the program popular among the companies for which logistics is a strategic part of the business.

Nowa architektura i elastyczność - Asseco Safo WMS 2.0

A Manager's Opinion


Andrzej Pająk zdjęcie do cytatu

We have been developing and marketing WMS solution for high-storage warehouse management for many years now. Our Asseco Safo WMS has been one of the first such programs launched to the market. Now, we keep focusing on improving its stability and robustness, of course, without neglecting its performance and flexibility.

Andrzej Pająk
Project Manager in the Design and Trade Department of Asseco Safo WMS


What Do You Gain by Implementing Our System?

  • Efficient and optimized management of the warehouse locations and storage space.
  • Easy access to detailed information on inventory distribution within the warehouse.
  • Permanent (mobile) contact with the warehousemen (messages).
  • Reduced number of errors and mistakes in warehouse processes.
  • Easy and quick induction of a new warehouse employee.
  • Shortened duration of warehouse operations.

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