Online sales platform

The e-Commerce platform by Asseco is a great way to get started with online sales.

  • Various sales models
  • Digitisation and automation of orders
  • Fast integration with ERPs form Asseco
  • Quality guarantee

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Strong points of our e-Commerce solutions

Own sales platform
Get your sales online in a few days
The e-Commerce platform is integrated with the ERP systems from Asseco. This means that you can start selling in the online channel right away, reach new customers, and streamline the ordering process for your contractors.
B2M (business-to-many)
Go hybrid: sell to both business and individual customers in one store
The hybrid model enables the processing of sales, marketing, and after-sales for various customer segments at one store. Dynamic customer segmentation, more efficient data management, price and product file control will save your money and contribute to your success.
Building customer loyalty
Boost your profit with a loyalty programme
Engage and galvanise your customers and change occasional purchases into regular orders in your store. Asseco’s original loyalty programme integrated with the e Commerce platform will open up new promotion opportunities.
Promotional campaigns
Win customers with discounts and promotions
Automatic and integrative transfer of discounts, price lists, and offers from the ERP system to the e Commerce platform. On top of that, you can use the platform to create diverse and advanced promotions, download links to offers and generate discount codes that can be distributed immediately in a newsletter.
Great user experience
Take care of your customers’ comfort
Once entering your e Commerce platform, the customer can browse products, view promotions and placed orders, track shipments, collect loyalty points, download documents, give or withdraw consents, submit a complaint or request for return, or contact you on any other business.
Logistics and delivery
Automate logistics processes
Begin with the simplest configuration of delivery methods, activate shipment calendars, use advanced logistics algorithms adapted to your business. Once configured, your logistics processes will work automatically and without human error to let your business operate efficiently and efficiently.
Payment control
Keep track of financial transactions
Define payment types for different customer segments: e payments, trade limits for deferred payments. Check customers’ liabilities and use soft collection tools. The e Commerce platform automates financial processes and watches your business in close liaison with the ERP system.
Going global
Sell abroad through the same store
The e Commerce platform by Asseco can handle transactions with both domestic and foreign customers. Multiple currencies, exchange rates retrieved from the National Bank of Poland or your fixed exchange rate, multi-language support: all in one e store. Just a few clicks to start selling abroad and winning global customers with us.

The key functionalities


The key functionalities

Dynamic customer segmentation
Cross-selling and up-selling
Quick order options
Product suggestions
GDPR compliance
Integration with Allegro
Soft collection
SR and call centre options
Regular data updates


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