Choose Asseco WAPRO ERP for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Asseco WAPRO ERP is a suite of business management applications intended for the sales, finance, human resources, and the mobile workforce. The suite is a perfect choice both for micro businesses, small family companies, as well as larger enterprises managing the chains of stores or branches country-wide.



In parallel with the growth of the company, the functionality of Asseco WAPRO ERP suite can grow as well.

Any upgrade to a more advanced product line and the expansion of the system can be done by the purchase of extra licences for more users. Those programs that were previously run on individual stations can be expanded and combined, depending on the new needs, to create an inclusive business management software.

Product Lines

The Asseco WAPRO ERP systems are available in product lines dovetailed with the needs of businesses of all sizes.

The lines differ in terms of the number of integrated modules and their functionality. Beginning with Asseco WAPRO ERP START line (for start-up companies), you can easily, and along with the development of the company, migrate to a function-richer BUSINESS line (for burgeoning businesses) or the most extensive PRESTIGE line (for the most demanding organizations) fitted with the analysis capacity.



Specialist Lines

The Asseco WAPRO ERP suite is also a set of specialized product lines intended for specific user groups.

Clients can use the features that facilitate work in such areas as finance, public administration, or mobile sales. To meet such users halfway, the following products lines have been developed: Asseco WAPRO ERP OFFICE (for accounting firms), Asseco WAPRO ERP BUDGET (for budgetary units) and Asseco WAPRO ERP MOBILE (for mobile personnel).

Moreover, the Asseco WAPRO ERP programs are available as Asseco ERP WAPRO ONLINE (available in the cloud).

Why Asseco WAPRO ERP?

  • All-inclusive and function-rich suite.
  • Handling non-standard Client's needs.
  • Data control and auto-correction module.
  • Protection of data against unauthorized access by setting up passwords and user IDs.
  • Software scalability based on the mechanism of extra tables and expansion slots.
  • Simple installation, easy configuration, intuitive handling.
  • Mechanism creating compressed backup files.
  • Low cost of purchase and implementation.

A Manager's Opinion


Rafał Mróz zdjęcie do cytatu

Small and medium-sized enterprises demand more and more from business management systems; they expect features that previously were available only to the largest organizations. Many users of our systems plan their business growth rested on professional e-commerce activities. Clients are also increasingly interested in mobile solutions that enable access to the key data via mobile devices. To meet these needs, we have tailored our Asseco WAPRO ERP offering accordingly. Our currently marketed ecosystem of solutions covers all the major areas of activity of a small and medium business.

Rafał Mróz
Director Asseco WAPRO ERP at Asseco Business Solutions



What Do You Gain by Implementing Our System?

  • Precise budgeting and regular control of the company's finance.
  • Access to modern mobile technologies.
  • Easier expansion to new markets.
  • Lower management costs thanks to automation.
  • Optimum use of the company resources.
  • Higher customer service quality.

Clients About Us

The remarkable versatility of Asseco WAPRO ERP allowed us to introduce custom functions and operate specific types of devices used in our operations, e.g. weight code devices, readers, and other mobile hardware. The devices prove effective even in difficult conditions specific to our industry where we sell processed meat directly from the cold-storage vehicle and serve multiple customers fast.

Oriana Małachowska - Waligóra
Co-owner of Masarnia Tradycyjna Wiejska Chata