ERP software for business

Accounting firms

ERP for accounting firms

A suite of programs for accounting firms and offices

  • convenient full accounting and R&E ledger management
  • automation of UCF reporting
  • flexible HR and payroll system
  • access to data, reports, and summaries by firm’s clients

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Why to choose our ERP for accounting applications?

Do you struggle with managing multiple companies?
In our ERP solutions for accounting firms, thanks to multi-tenancy functions and an extensive authorisation system, you can do accounts, HR, fixed asset processing of many separate economic entities.
Required to handle different accounting methods?
Our systems support various finance accounting approaches: full accounting, revenue and expense ledgers, as well as flat-rate and rental arrangements.
Uniform Control File (JPK)
This is something you should never forget!
With our automatic data exchange features, built-in wizards, initial data validation, regular batch transfer of files and easy verification, you can submit UCF reports quickly, accurately, and in compliance with the law.
Fixed assets
Do you keep a register of fixed assets?
Manage your company’s equipment and tangible and intangible assets effectively. Create documents and generate accounting assignments based on automation support mechanisms.
erp cloud
 by Asseco
 by asseco
HR and payroll
Do you calculate wages for your clients’ staff?
Use our document management system to save time on registering and processing financial data and records. Besides, gain easy access to all the necessary information.
Portal HR
Many employees means daunting paperwork?
Portal HR reduces the circulation of paper documents, eliminates downtime and errors in rewriting data. Employees and managers gain efficient communication tools to get in touch with associates and the HR department.
Warehouse and invoicing
Do you manage a warehouse and do invoicing for your clients?
Our ERP for accounting firms manages and accounts for warehouse operations and sales invoicing for many companies, i.e. your firm’s clients.
Document exchange
Brace yourself for the National e-Invoicing System!
Eliminate paper documents and go paperless. Our ERP system can help reduce the number of errors and secure your document workflow with its functionality of automatic confirmation of transfer and receipt as well as source validation.

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How does our ERP system for accounting firms work?

Full Accounting

Full accounting management module

Do accounts for large companies

  • VAT records and cost assignment
  • settlements, cash reports, bank statements,
  • tax forms, e-reports, e-archives, e-mail
  • data integration and exchange mechanisms, automatic cost assignment engines
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Fiscal Book

Revenue and expense ledger module

Do accounts for smaller businesses

  • revenue and expense ledger, flat-rate and rental
  • fixed assets and vehicle management
  • payroll accounting
  • integrated ECP module
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Fixed Assets, Intangible Assets, Equipment

Full accounting management module

Manage your company’s tangible and intangible assets

  • full FA support and document generation
  • all types of amortisation and depreciation
  • independent balance sheet and tax amortisation and depreciation
  • equipment and user management
  • automation of cost assignment
  • mobile FA inventory module
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HR and payroll support

Manage your clients’ HR and payroll affairs

  • all types of labour relations supported
  • definable remuneration components
  • automatic calculations, batch operations
  • data exchange with insurance, tax, statistics, other state institutions, and e-banking
  • document e-archive
  • integrated ECP module
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Portal HR

Employee portal

Enhance the exchange of information and documents with employees and facilitate managers’ work

  • access to documents and tax returns
  • submitting applications, approval path tracking
  • holidays, absences, calendars, benefits, bonuses
  • termwork management
  • contact with HR
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Employee Capital Plan covered

Manage your ECP regardless of the HR program in use

  • import employee data and amounts from external sources
  • full ECP support
  • automatic or file-based data exchange with financial institutions
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Warehouse and Sales

Warehouse management and invoicing as a service

Run a warehouse, create and account for documents and do invoicing for your clients

  • multiple companies and warehouses in a single program
  • full warehouse management and sales coverage
  • invoicing
  • mobile app for inventory-taking
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Access to Reports

Portal for your clients

Enable your clients to access the most relevant data directly from the F&A software.

  • communicate the latest information to your clients automatically: their financial standing, basic financial indicators, outstanding settlements, tax liabilities, and social insurance contributions
  • collection of accrued tax returns
  • the portal can be made available independently of the software operated by the firm’s client
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Full Accounting
Fiscal Book
Fixed Assets, Intangible Assets, Equipment
Portal HR
Warehouse and Sales
Access to Reports

The key


The key

Full accounting
Fiscal book
Revenue and expense ledger
Flat-rate support
Uniform Control File (JPK)
HR and payroll

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Asseco’s ERP systems

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