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in retail operations

Effective management of retail sales

  • retail offer management
  • industry-specific configuration
  • multiple sales channels supported

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Why to choose our ERP for retail applications?

Inventory management
Too much or too little merchandise in stock?
Our ERP allows you to align inventory with the actual needs. Owing to our algorithms controlling the minimum and maximum stock while ordering, you will always be sure that you keep just the right quantity of merchandise.
Multiple stores and warehouses
Do you manage an entire chain?
The system can easily manage multiple stores and handle diverse pricing, discount, and promotion policies. You can also manage inventory in multiple warehouses.
Industry-specific approach
Different attributes, different time limits…
Your product files contain a large number of items to manage. Depending on the segment and type of merchandise, other product features and details are also relevant: size, colour, best-by date, certificates. Define important file-related information, search for products by pre-set features and details.
Quick sale
Quick retail selling module
While in the store, use the simplified quick sale interface compatible with payment terminals and fiscal printers.
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 by Asseco
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Promotions and discounts
How to convince customers to make a purchase?
The system supports the definition of discount tables and terms of promotions available in your store. Create promotions and tied sales, set discounts based on quantity or value. Or how about designing a loyalty programme for your customers?
Online store
Not seeling online yet?
Grow your business! Integrate a modern online store with your ERP system. Those who have missed your store before will now find it on the web. Integration with ERP will take your sales management to the next level.
Online auctions
Start selling on Allegro!
Do you run a small business and sell on Allegro? Integrate Allegro with your sales and warehouse system; showcase your offering and sell more.

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How does our ERP system for retail trade work?

Product Files

Convenient product management

Manage, search, and register new products and withdraw others

  • registration of product files
  • adding qualities and attributes
  • unit code support
  • definition of batches, series, and best-by dates
  • image and attachment support
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Prices and Discounts

Measure what pays off

Manage prices and discounts and control profitability

  • price setting
  • multi-level discount tables
  • price and minimum mark-up
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Promotion Management

Let them hear about you!

Use promotions and loyalty programmes to attract and retain customers

  • design promotions
  • carry our tied sales, offer rebates and discounts
  • launch loyalty points
  • control and report promotion effects
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Effective sales

Even more effective sales activities

  • quick in-store sales module
  • compatibility with readers, scales, cash registers, and fiscal printers
  • definable sales cycle
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Check inventory and order!

Place orders with suppliers and deliver everything your customers expect

  • generate orders for suppliers
  • supplier checks for product quantity, prices, and availability
  • control of compliance with commercial terms
  • generate and send electronic orders
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Wireless Management

Go mobile!

Use a wireless device to manage your warehouse

  • inventory-taking via a smartphone
  • control of product file quantity
  • document generation
  • delivery management
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Online Auctions

Sell on Allegro

Reap the benefits of selling on Poland’s most popular auction platform

  • automatic auctioning
  • auction control and management
  • manage customers, transactions, shipments, comments
  • automatic generation of documents in ERP
  • after-sales service
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Keep an eye on your sales!

Check how your business is running and take action using the knowledge base

  • price, margin, and profit analysis
  • control over promotion profitability
  • bid analysis and comparison of suppliers’ prices
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Product Files
Prices and Discounts
Promotion Management
Wireless Management
Online Auctions

The key


The key

Product file
Administration of sales
Store chain
Quick sale
Online store
Online auctions
Sales analysis
Integration with shipping agents

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