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This WMS system boosts warehouse operations efficiency

  • Goods receipt and issue
  • Inventory-taking
  • Applications for terminals and code readers

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Strong points of our WMS systems

Warehouseman monitoring
Where is your staff the warehouse?
Our system synchronises employees’ routines, plans collection routes, and is not training-intensive. The warehousemen know exactly what to do. They do not get in one another’s way and work efficiently.
Inventory-taking without downtimes
No time to lose?
The WMS system allows quick inventory-taking without stopping the operations. Your inventory is updated in real time, so you are always well-informed.
Paperless warehouse
Documents keep piling up?
With Asseco’s WMS applications, merchandise is recorded on terminals and mobile devices in real time. Control everything from the Desktop application, and your warehouse becomes #paperless.
You are an FMCG player?
The WMS system checks batch numbers and best-by dates, which is an industry standard. Tracking and quality control mechanisms make sure that your merchandise remains fresh and high quality.
Smooth information flow
Information is lost between racks?
Communication in the WMS system is handled electronically. Documents and instructions always reach warehouse staff, and you can be sure that everything goes like clockwork.
Where to find specific goods?
The WMS system is compatible with mobile devices (smartphone apps) and radio terminals. This means fast and accurate operations.
Not sure where to start?
A preconfigured version of Sofltab WMS GO satisfies the needs of most companies; however, it does not require labour-intensive pre-implementation analysis, so you can easily take your warehouse to the next level.
Wondering where to put away and where to pick up?
Our algorithms will determine the best location based on volume and load-bearing capacity as well as planing FEFO/FIFO goods issue and the collection route.

The key functionalities


The key functionalities

Barcode support
Batch and best-by date support
Goods receipt
Goods issue
Loading recording
Stock preview

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Extra tools for
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