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Business Cloud is a package of extra cloud solutions. Explore new capabilities for your ERP system from Asseco!
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Extra cloud capabilities

Portal HR
Platforma e‑Commerce
GDPR Utility
Business Analysis

Save your employees and managers’ time

A user-friendly portal for employees and managers that boosts HR processes and in-house communication.

  • Automation of HR affairs
  • Employee self-service
  • Management tools for managers
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Automatic document exchange

Take advantage of the platform for automatic exchange of documents with contractors to speed up workflow, promote paperless business, and reduce the number of errors and mistakes.

  • Communication with the National e-Invoicing System
  • Automatic upload and download of documents
  • Confirmation of document receipt by contractor
  • OCR and file format conversion
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Electronic Document Workflow System

Comprehensive electronic document handling. Manage and automate document processing to save time and labour.

  • Remote access via apps or browsers
  • Various document types supported (requisitions, invoices, business trips, contracts, bids)
  • Work made easier in distributed organisations
  • Budget control at the level of requisitions and invoices
  • Notification and reminder system
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Online collaboration and sales in one

An e-commerce platform that optimises your relationships with business partners and consumers.

  • Automated orders and data exchange
  • One portal, all processes
  • Full communication in real time
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Necessary data protection

A comprehensive support tool for the in-house data controller.

  • Handling data subjects’ requests
  • Registers and records
  • Monitoring of data retention limits
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Unlock the potential of information

Thanks to the analytical capabilities of the module, you can gain knowledge and create a solid foundation for business decision-making.

  • Multidimensional data analysis
  • Detecting irregularities
  • Legible data presentation and report generation
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Mobile electronic signature

SimplySign is Poland’s first mobile e-signature that does not require a reader and card to operate. SimplySign can be used via a mobile application on a smartphone or computer.

  • e-signing of documents for/with employees, contractors, and B2B partners,
  • contract signature via a mobile phone or browser,
  • signature of ERP documents, i.e. PIT, VAT, CIT, UCF, financial statements, etc.
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Why cloud for business?

Trust the professional safeguards of the private Business Cloud infrastructure
Remote access
Use mobile devices and connect with the system from anywhere and trouble free.
Replace paper with modern communication methods.
Do not be troubled with hardware performance and maintenance – leave it to the cloud provider.
Exploit Business Cloud apps with any ERP system from Asseco.

Check most preferred configurations

Check how our clients combine Business Cloud modules!

Secure business

HTML 5 application
HTTPS encryption, own communication protocol, and no business logic embedded in the application
Cloud authentication
Authentication: HTML CAS with two-factor authentication option, Active Directory and web-services based on OAuth tokens
WEB Platform server modules
IIS server farm, load-balancing, and solution scalability
MSSQL 2016+ mechanisms to separate the data of different clients and regular data backups
2020 external, certified audit confirming a high level of security
High availability
No single point of failure owing to the high availability architecture

Our long-term Asseco ERP

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Agata S.A.

Softlab ERP handles most areas of our operations effectively. We have gained a great sense of security and reliability; the system offers great user ergonomics and allows us to optimise our business processes.

Spedimex Sp. z o.o.

Cooperation with Macrologic has been very advantageous from the very beginning. With hindsight, we do appreciate how the system has benefited us.

Danstocker Polska Sp. z o .o .

It is a great pleasure to work with a competent and responsible project manager.

ILS Sp. z o.o.

Having implemented the new system, we managed to boost our operations significantly efficiency- and effectiveness-wise.


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