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Metal industry

ERP for metal industry players

ERP for production management in the metal industry

  • support for laser cutting production
  • solutions for aluminium press facilities
  • support for steel processing

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Why to choose our ERP for the metal industry?

Giving a quote is always a challenge?
Our ERP for the metal industry can handle production calculations based on specific order parameters. This will help provide a tailored and fair offer to your client.
Quality control
Product quality comes first?
Our system supports scheduled and random quality controls. It stores data on the number of rejected items, causes of shortages, chemical composition of castings as well as offering traceability to identify products, batches, certificates, and smelting. Now, anything below a top-class quality will be detected.
Fixed units of measure
Too many units of measure in inventory accounts?
Our system keeps permanent inventory records in two units of measure. This means simplified classification and a more efficient item management.
Disorder and chaos delays production?
The production process requires many tools that need to be taken into account at the planning stage. In our ERP system, the material index is linked to dies, so when you select a product, the proper tools are allocated to it automatically.
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Smooth start
Downtime already at the project kick-off?
Our ERP system for the metal industry imports order data from an .xls file, reports a demand for raw materials and places production orders.
Wasting time on repetitive actions?
You always save time when you do not have to repeat data entry operations. In our solution, you can import orders from Excel sheets, transfer project information in .jobs files and integrate work with nesting programs.
Versatile ERP
Too many systems and applications to go through?
Our ERP for the metal industry does not only feature production-related functionalities. Take advantage of our solution to embrace all areas of the plant’s operations: from production and warehouse, to sales, finance, and HR.
Optimisation Plans
Planning is difficult and time consuming?
Planning in the ERP system covers machinery occupancy as well as order-related information, which makes your planning always work and your production run as intended.

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How does our ERP system for the metal industry work?

Successful Quotes

Calculate it well

Get ready to a winning quote

  • calculation of detailed operational performance
  • estimates based on the standard attributes of cutting, bending, etc.
  • reliable pricing foundations
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Order Handling

Save time right from the start

Expedite your order registration process

  • import regular contractors’ orders from .xls sheets
  • register production demand
  • launch production orders
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Programmers and Designers

Support for teams

Support and organise programmers and designers’ work by equipping them with the best tools

  • keep records of machinery programs and related operation requests
  • assign tasks to staff members
  • share information about production requests, including about material grade and thickness, quantity, and software to be used
  • keep records of detailed documentation, such as layout drawings on metal sheets
  • liaise with nesting programs, such as TrueTops, and .job files
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Good production ideas

Plan operations, including deadlines, resources, and machinery occupancy

  • plan laser programme execution
  • plan many other operations, including adjustments
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Execution and Quality Control

All production under control

Keep in step with work progress and operate quality control stations

  • record executions, starts and ends of programmes and operations
  • record execution figures along with information about the operator and execution times
  • traceability: identify products, batches, certificates, and smelting.
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Behind metal cutting

Manage raw materials and maintain the continuity of order execution

  • prepare daily lists of required materials
  • respect production request sequences
  • handle cooperation-related issues and receipts
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Successful Quotes
Order Handling
Programmers and Designers
Execution and Quality Control

ERP for aluminium press facilities


All dies in the right place

Keep a detailed record of dies

  • keep a die file with all die parameters
  • manage die statuses, limits, and nitriding
  • link dies to material files, orders, production, and sales
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Sales Orders

What do you start with?

Manage and plan production based on information sourced from orders

  • register orders based on industry-specific requirements
  • create production plans based on order items
  • preview production progress
  • initiate order execution with warehouse documents
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Your best plan

Schedule your production for the best possible effect

  • plan press occupancy (overview available dies, raw materials, occupancy data, and multiple presses)
  • take advantage of planning support: calculate the length and number of casting bars
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Production Record

Production from A to Z

Do not lose sight of any order completion stage

  • record production reports for the press, saw, ageing furnace
  • handle quality control
  • manage profile packing
  • produce reports on yields, performance, and scrap
  • liaise with the die file
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Control further machining effort

Plan and keep records of prefabrication

  • plan work on machining centres and precision blades
  • keep a record of shift and job position reports

  • manage the quality control and packing of details
  • produce reports on production, performance, and scrap
Enquire about a system that fits your business

Picking and co-packing

Control quality and pack finished products

  • plan picking operations
  • watch over quality
  • pick sets in connection with the pressing and prefabrication operations
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Be ready for special production requirements

Handle casting jobs

  • handle separate orders with chemical composition tables
  • record time, quantity, raw material, and smelting number
  • control quality and composition against the chemical table of the order
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Inventory management

Manage finished products and commission shipments

  • handle automatic product receipt from production
  • manage inventory
  • ship products to customers in connection with sales orders
  • perform inventory-taking
  • report inventory levels and turnover
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Sales and Invoicing

The purpose of each order

Sell and settle accounts with business partners

  • invoice for shipments based on warehouse documents
  • handle sales adjustments
  • report sales
  • handle e-invoices
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Sales Orders
Production Record
Sales and Invoicing

The key


The key

Metal processing management
Production planning
Quality control
Production record
Raw material management
Production valuation
Cutter operation support
Die record
Production settlement

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