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ERP for the automotive industry

An experience-driven ERP for the automotive sector

  • easy system implementation
  • repair and maintenance services
  • sales and shipping support
  • management of warehouse assortment

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Why to choose our ERP for automotive applications?

Back orders
No more out-of-stocks!
Our ERP for the automotive business facilitates ordering both for own stock and for a specific customer. It also handles “back orders,” in other words, you can expect to receive previously unavailable goods as soon as possible.
Inventory management
Your warehouses are overflowing?
Our ERP systems automate warehouse processes. Keep your stock to a necessary minimum with our ordering algorithms that control the minimum and maximum stock levels and gain space for further business development.
Product management
Any goods lost in the warehouse?
Use product files to manage large quantities of goods. ERP integration with the TecDoc database enables fast search for indexes linked to vehicle makes, models, types, or years of manufacture.
Tools are the top priority!
Our ERP system for the automotive sector keeps a tool record as well as managing tool purchases, issues to and returns from mechanics, and scrapping. Now, you can track where the personal and specialised tools are in use any time of the day.
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 by Asseco
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Sales and transport
Sell on time!
The use of an ERP in vehicle part distribution translates into the comprehensive handling of logistics and sales processes, including deliveries, quotes, document processing, sales from warehouse batches, settlements, and complaint handling.
Pricing policy
Do you want to raise more revenue?
A pricing policy is yet another area that your ERP can help design and manage effectively by setting many levels of discounts and prices, including minimum prices, in any currency.
Attractive offering
Are you determined to win more clients?
The automotive industry clientèle have specific requirements. You will be able to meet them by improving the ordering, storage and transport processes as well as adopting a flexible pricing policy.
Rest your decisions on real figures!
Our ERP system for automotive applications offers analytical capabilities in such areas as cooperation with suppliers or comparison of purchase prices at various vendors.

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How does our ERP system for automotive work?

Product Files

Convenient product management

Manage, search, and register new products and withdraw others

  • register product files
  • set file statuses
  • benefit from impressive file capacity (up to 800,000 items)
  • define packages and substitutes
  • integration with TecDoc
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Price Management

Value yourself and your client

Manage prices and promotions to retain clients

  • set multi-level discounts and prices
  • control your margin and minimum prices
  • define commercial terms
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Partner File

All your partners at a mouse click

Collect data and find out more about your clients

  • assign unique terms and goods to specific business partners
  • block sales transactions
  • register codes for business partners
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Effective sales

Breathe a new life into your sales activities

  • process commercial documents
  • sell merchandise from specific batches
  • book products and handle back orders
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No shortages from now on

Place orders with suppliers and always provide what your clients need

  • collective orders (up to several thousand items)
  • supplier checks for product quantity, prices, and availability
  • control of compliance with commercial terms
  • generate and send electronic orders
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Inventory Management

Modern warehouse

Try process automation in your warehouse!

  • wireless solutions supported
  • define batch parameters (e.g. by category, such as batteries or tires)
  • serve factory and consignment as well as “virtual” warehouses
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After-sales service

Handling complaints for your recipients and against your suppliers

  • manage registered complaints
  • print complaint labels and documents
  • send reminders by e-mail
  • generate reports
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Deliver on time and on site

  • organise shipment and deliver on time
  • manage fixed and ad hoc routes
  • create routes based on orders and link them to business partners
  • generate documents, manage shipments, and account for drivers’ work
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Repair and Maintenance

Your garage anew

Support for vehicle repair and maintenance

  • register service orders and repair types
  • generate invoices based on orders
  • account for mechanics’ work, manage technical positions, and schedule the use of lifts/jacks
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Tyre Swap

Tyre swap season ahead

Tyre swap and storage service

  • generate orders and notes about customer’s accessories
  • define where tyres should be stored and report tyre issue from storage
  • prepare additional tyre descriptions and print ID stickers
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Find your tools where they should be

All the necessary equipment always at hand

  • keep a record of the purchase, issues, returns, and scrapping of tools
  • track the location of personal and specialist tools
  • find out quickly who is using a tool
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Product Files
Price Management
Partner File
Inventory Management
Repair and Maintenance
Tyre Swap

The key functionalities

The key functionalities

Product file
Partner file
Administration of sales
Orders from recipients
Parts inventory management
Orders to suppliers
Transport management
Complaint handling
Repair and maintenance services
Tyre swap
Tool inventory
Remanufactured parts
Back orders

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