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  • Production accounting

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Strong points of our systems for manufacturers

Enhanced work organisation
Suffering losses due to downtimes?
Production planning systems enable orders, time, resources, and capacities to be controlled with high accuracy. No more disturbances due to downtimes caused failures, shortages, or overloads.
Resource efficiency
Any supply issues?
RAsseco’s solutions for production can determine demand based on plans. They can control the level of raw materials while managing requests for warehouse issue. Rest assured that your manufacturing process will not miss anything.
Cost forecasts
Surprised by the costs of manufacture?
A model-based technology definition permits forecasts of production costs. Now, you know where your costs are.
Efficient production planning and accounting
Spreadsheets don’t do the job any longer?
Our production support programs gather and process data to enable detailed planning and simulation of execution. Stay in control and avoid troubles caused by standard software solutions.
You work with other business partners?
A powerful ERP for manufacturers can manage cooperation with external partners when accounting for resources, accepting production, accounting for cost, and scheduling. Your business relationship becomes more transparent and productive.
Quality control
Quality is your first consideration?
Sensitive to quality specifications, the control modules of our solutions monitor the key criteria and parameters. Just perform product checks and periodic tests to make sure that you will not miss anything.
Batch operations
Too many isolated routines?
The ERP system supports batch operations, i.e. the planning and recording of operation executions from several orders at the same time. Save you time and energy and see what the system can do for you.
Accurate procedures
You can’t afford to make mistakes?
Undisturbed communication and control mechanisms will save your day. This means fewer adjustments and less time for entering and distributing orders.

The key functionalities


The key functionalities

Recipes and routing
Picking and co-packing
Raw material control
Production scheduling
Quality control
Production on demand
Production and workshop orders
Product technology card
Production accounting
Costs and use of resources

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Extra tools
for production management

You can expand your production management solution from Asseco by adding additional auxiliary modules.

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