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This Policy applies to the website
By using this website, you agree to the use of cookie files (cookies) and web beacons in accordance with the Policy laid down below. The only information collected automatically by this website is the information contained in cookie files.

What are cookies?

Cookie files (cookies) are pieces of computer data, in particular text files, stored on website visitor’s devices. Cookies help identify user’s individual preferences associated with the device settings and help display the visited website in a manner that suits visitor’s individual needs.

What information do cookies contain?

The information stored by cookies are usually:

  • Name of the website
  • Cookie lifetime, or the time after which a cookie expires on the user’s device
  • Randomly generated identification number of the browser used for browsing the website

Entity placing cookies.

The entity placing cookies on the website user’s device and having access to such cookies is the website operator: Asseco Business Solutions S.A., having its registered office in Lublin, at ul. Konrada Wallenroda 4c, 20-607, phone: +48 81 535 30 00. In the cases of cookie use named in the Policy, entities that post cookies may also be third parties.

What are cookies used for?

Cookie files are used for the following purposes:

  • to adapt the content of the website to visitors’ preferences and to optimize the use of the website; in particular, cookies help identify the website visitor’s device to display the website content properly, as desired by the user;
  • to create statistics that reflect the website user’s browsing habits, which allows enhancement of the content and layout;
  • to maintain user session (after logging into the website) so that the use does not have to re-enter their login and password on each subpage of the website;
  • advertising and remarketing – may use cookies to display personalized advertisement that meets user’s preferences, both on the visited website and other websites (e.g. across the Google Display Network).

Types of cookies used by

As regards cookie lifetime, the website s uses two basic types of cookies:

  • Session cookies (temporary cookies) – stored on the user’s device only when browsing the website and until logout, closing the website or closing the user’s browser.
  • Persistent cookies – remain on the user’s device until the end of their lifetime (i.e. the time set for an individual cookie) or until removed by the user.

As regards cookie functions, the website uses the following types of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies – enable the basic features of the websites listed above (e.g. remembering the sequence of visited sites in order to restore them when requested by the user).
  • Secure cookies – monitor the instances of abuse when using the website.
  • Preferences cookies – store individual user settings.
  • Advertising cookies – help measure the effects of advertising activities and personalize ads to individual users.

Third-party cookies.

By visiting the website, you agree to accepting cookies from Google Inc. and other companies managing advertising campaigns for Asseco Business Solutions S.A. Information on third-party cookies is available on the websites of their respective owners. A detailed description of cookies used by Google can be found here.

The cookies used for testing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in Google AdWords or the Google Display Network collect data by means of the Google Analytics software. User IP anonymity is ensured, which means that the website visitor remains completely anonymous.

Changing cookie settings or deleting cookies.

Cookie settings are unique for each web browser (including their mobile versions). It is common that web browsers accept all cookies by default. However, the user can also disable this setting or limit the acceptance of cookies to their device to a desired extent. The browser used by the user can also display messages about privacy settings and also request user’s consent to the settings before installation or update for further use.

Please be advised that disabling cookies may affect the comfort of browsing, hinder the use of parts of the website or even prevent the display of some information intended for the user. But above all, it will frustrate Asseco’s effort to store anonymous statistical information aimed to improve the quality of our services.

Information on cookie settings or on the complete disabling of cookies in individual browsers is available on the browser vendor’s website or in the Help section of the browser menu.

Use the links below to navigate to the websites of the most popular browsers that contain information on cookie settings:

Last revised: 25 May 2018

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