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BI Analysis

Accurate business intelligence analysis

Transparent corporate data compilations and lessons learned

  • Analysis of activities in key areas
  • Advanced algorithms and AI
  • Legible data presentation

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Strong points of our analytical modules

Error detection
Do not let yourself be confused!
Our analytical modules collect data and provide insight into the current situation. This will help you detect threats and avoid mistakes.
Data presentation
Not enough time for presentations?
Who has it anyway? Use Asseco’s systems to create reports and data visualisations quickly and conveniently and share them with your associates or auditors.
Data potential
Spreadsheets getting too complex and dull?
Owing to intuitive analytical support, you do not waste time compiling data and preparing charts. Easily generate the reports you need and act instead of wasting time on designing formulas.
Accurate financial analysis
You find it challenging to make business decisions?
The analytical tools embedded in our accounting solutions carefully examine collected data. They will let you keep your finger on the pulse of your liquidity, discover new development avenues, and make the best decisions.
HR analysis
You hire numerous staff?
The more staff, the greater the challenges of managing their work and talent. Only the knowledge of your personnel, sourced from the analysis of the HR and payroll situation, can enable you to meet them.
Profitability analysis
Want to know what pays off today?
By analysing margin IV for products and customers, you can verify how profitable your contracts are and work for better results.
Best decisions
You rely on intuition?
Do not try to balance the situation; instead, trust granular and multidimensional analyses. Use reliable data and make decisions that will grow your business.
Single system
Too many apps?
Analyse your key business areas in our systems without having to re-enter data or resort to a number of additional tools.

The key functionalities


The key functionalities

Financial analysis
Sales analysis
Management analysis
HR analysis
Business Intelligence
Margin IV analysis
Multidimensional analysis
Qlik Sense
Artificial Intelligence

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