ERP software for business

HR for logistics

HR system for logistics operators

Support for HR processes in the warehouse logistics business

  • time sheet
  • expenditure control
  • employee portal
  • analysis of HR and payroll indicators

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Why to choose our ERP for HR in logistics?

Work time planning
Preparing complex work plans for numerous employees?
Our ERP will manage all the personnel affairs in one place: planning, work time recording and optimisation, holiday approvals, and more.
Overwhelmed with printed matter?
Our ERP will help you replace printed sheets and documents with their electronic version. The HR will be relieved, and many associates will save their precious time.
Cost control
Keep an eye on personnel costs
Through the ERP, the manager can control personnel costs on a project-by-project basis every day.
Document workflow
Excessive employee turnover?
Facing a high turnover rate or onerous recruitment duties, the HR department may complain of work overload. Some of this burden can be reduced through the electronic processing of job applications and assistance in new employment and termination records.
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Multi-tenanacy capacity
Opening new warehouses?
New business units require more than just recruitment of new staff. Our HR systems are multi-tenancy solutions. In other words, they can manage multiple sites based on a single, pre-defined work model.
Need special clothing for your employees?
Our ERP handles the process of reporting a demand for workwear and other equipment, even taking safety standards and sizes into account.
Cooperation with temporary employment agencies
Do you hire temps via an employment agency?
Contact a temporary employment agency via Portal HR any time you need extra hands on board.
Analysis and control
Do not miss anything!
Our ERP is capable of performing thorough analyses of working hours, staff turnover, fluctuation, or payroll. Additionally, it can check compliance with labour law standards.

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How does our HR system for warehouse logistics work?

HR Analysis

Analytical tools

Be aware of how your company works and reap the benefits of collected data for superior management!

  • HR analysis
  • compliance with labour law standards
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Work Time Planning

Organisation and planning

Enable warehouse managers to run work time schedules via a web-based portal

  • work time planning
  • planning and accounting for daily work intervals
  • execution recording
  • overtime cost optimisation
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Efficient document workflow

Efficient and frictionless communication

  • electronic time cards, certificates, and applications,
  • time saved on data entry
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Recruitment and Employment

Easier recruitment procedure

Technology-assisted recruitment for best candidate and new employee services

  • employment and resignation records
  • high employee turnover management
  • cooperation with temporary employment agencies
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Costs and Accounts

A bird’s eye view of all costs

Control many cost areas related to HR

  • accounting for total payroll based on projects
  • overtime cost control
  • preparation of labour-intensity budgets
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Overivew of all necessary tools

Management of equipment and workwear

  • resource management
  • equipment and workware recording
  • specific standards and sizes covered
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HR Analysis
Work Time Planning
Recruitment and Employment
Costs and Accounts

The key


The key

Work time planning
Execution recording
Overtime costs
Holiday requests
Holiday plans
Personnel equipment
Temporary employment agencies
Employee portal
Cost control
Labour-intensity budget
Total payroll

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