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ERP for the furniture industry

ERP for sales enhancement in the furniture business

  • management of products with a broad selection of variants and attributes
  • all the furniture trade nuances at a mouse click
  • multiple sales channels supported
  • logistics and inventory management

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Why to choose our ERP for the furniture industry?

Commodity indices
An overwhelming product variability?
Universal indexes and individual product codes help manage products with many variable attributes, such as material, finish, colour, accessories, etc.
Price management
Each product variant at a different price?
Design price lists that are sensitive to the variable features of products and can be attached, for example, to the type of material or trim.
Attractive offering
Are you determined to win more clients?
Show off what you have best by tailoring your promotional campaigns to the requirements of the furniture business. Build customer loyalty through card-based incentives.
Efficient logistics
Some items lost on the way again?
Keep an eye on goods in the warehouse and eliminate errors in receipts and issues. Reap the benefits of precise item-by-item inventory management, even capable of identifying different methods of packaging of the same products supplied by different manufacturers.
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Why to choose our ERP for the furniture industry?

Your warehouse cannot swell any more!
Take care of the optimum distribution of goods between the central warehouse and local stores by using the ERP’s replenishment and stocking mechanisms. Our ERP is able to distinguish among products variants, packaging, picking methods, current bookings, etc.
Sell anywhere!
Reach your customers through multiple channels thanks to elaborate integration mechanisms: sell directly at showrooms and in an online store or use marketplaces and the click&collect model to integrate with delivery companies.
Rest your decisions on real figures!
Our ERP offers real analytical possibilities through, for example, sales and margin reporting or cooperation with suppliers. You will always know what action needs to be taken!

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How does our ERP system for the furniture industry work?


Convenient product management

Get your product files, indexes, and attributes sorted out to work faster and more conveniently

  • multi-level categories
  • universal and individual indexes
  • additional features and descriptions
  • access to documentation (images, diagrams, certificates)
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Price Management

Customers welcome flexible prices and discounts

Manage prices and discounts to win and retain customers

  • set multiple discount and price levels
  • control your margin and minimum prices
  • implement a quick reductions mechanism
  • apply for extra discounts
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Quotes and Orders

Prepare quotes as requested

Have variant quotes in place and create orders with one click

  • prepare fixed and optional quotes
  • generate orders
  • create warehouse and sales documents
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Design and Sell

Kitchens made to measure!

Manage the sales process of customised kitchen solutions

  • import ready designs from external systems
  • handle kitchen furniture orders
  • import specifications from supplier
  • book items that fit the order
  • organise transport and assembly
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Transport and Assembly

Be there on time!

A dedicated transport planning module. Besides shipment schedules, it can handle the weight and dimensions of cargo as well as vehicle capacity.

  • set delivery dates and preferred time intervals
  • support multiple transport operators with different pricing options
  • order additional services, including paid ones
  • manage installer teams
  • set assembly schedules
  • keep transport and assembly records as well as acceptance reports
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Control your finance and watch the cash!

Prepayment support

  • manage advance payments in goods ordering
  • make payment adjustments when orders change
  • account for prepayments from multiple orders
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Quick Sale

Customers will not always be willing to wait!

The module of quick sale of interior design items

  • use barcode scanners
  • process discounted assortment
  • collect payments upon order delivery or after prepayment
  • cash service
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Not too much and not too little

Store inventory and central warehouse management

  • route stock through various sales channels
  • benefit from a store stocking mechanism
  • manage replenishment
  • use various picking methods adapted to sold items
  • consolidate packing operations
  • use different packaging variants for logistics
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Check if everything’s there

Many variants of the inventorying process

  • manage warehouse inventory-taking
  • perform partial inventorying
  • keep an inventory of display stands
  • take advantage of hand-held devices
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Show off your wares!

The module of display stand management in a furniture showroom

  • set up your stands
  • move or group-move assortment to a stand
  • keep an inventory of displayed goods
  • manage reduced wares from stands
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Delivery Notification

Effective cooperation with suppliers…

…is more than just a decent delivery notification module. Yet, having such a module does help!

  • communicate with key furniture manufacturers and suppliers
  • automate order processing and settlement
  • organise and plan goods receipts
  • select separate shipment locations and unload gates
  • control timeliness and completion percentage
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Price Management
Quotes and Orders
Design and Sell
Transport and Assembly
Quick Sale
Delivery Notification

The key


The key

Files and attributes
Price lists and discounts
Warehouse management
Price reductions
Transport management
Display stands
Delivery notification module

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