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Management in the construction business

A reliable ERP for construction professionals

  • project planning and scheduling
  • resource booking and management
  • project management
  • investment profitability measurement

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Why to choose our ERP for the construction industry?

Planning and control
Troubled with project profitability?
System ERP dla branży budowlanej ułatwia projektowanie i nadzór nad całością procesu od wstępnego planowania i budżetów przez realizacje aż po sprzedaż i rozliczenie inwestycji.
Project supervision
Delays in execution?
Large construction projects require investors to have oversight over many areas at the same time: supplies, access to machinery, availability of staff and specialists, subcontractors, or acceptance timing. A top-notch project management system can make all of these work for you!
Machinery and tools
Tool make it work!
Our ERP system for construction businesses can manage machinery and devices, including booking, inspections, and repairs, and keeps accurate records of tools actually in use. What follows, you will always know when your tools and machinery are available.
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 by Asseco
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Far too much paperwork?
A convenient document management functionality will reduce the time spent on entering and processing data and documents. Besides, it will expedite access to all the necessary information.
Invoices and payments
Issues with financial liquidity?
Regular cost analysis and control, the monitoring of bidding, invoicing and contract alignment as well as of payment schedules to improve financial liquidity and sustain profitability.
Learn from your own projects!
The system is capable of analysing individual items of cost estimates as well as validating and updating unit prices in project calculations. Develop full awareness of each contract performance and profitability. See where your profits and losses come from and modify schedules and bids to boost profitability.

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How does our ERP system for the construction sector work?

Project Planning

Plan a construction project

Careful planning is halfway to success

  • prepare project’s detailed budget
  • draw up schedules and cost estimates
  • perform subcontracting
  • take care of in-house procurement
  • forward orders to the purchasing department
  • register contracts and documentation
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Project Execution

Keep an eye on project progress

Monitor all the particulars of project implementation.

  • supervise deadlines for individual stages and milestones
  • notify project participants of the work progress automatically
  • control of the investment schedule
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Cost Control

Monitor direct and indirect project costs

Analyse and control costs on an ongoing basis to sustain profitability

  • materials
  • wages
  • external services
  • equipment depreciation
  • timesheet
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Budget Control

Analyse budget expenditure

Analyse and control cost estimate limits

  • verify costs against budgets
  • detect budget threats and shortfalls
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Manage project documentation

Keep all project documentation in one place and in electronic form

  • technical documents, project sheets, designs, permits,
  • contracts, annexes, schedules
  • orders, invoices for materials and services
  • material issue documents
  • equipment and staff working sheets
  • handover and receipt documents
  • accounting records
  • sales invoices
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Enhanced communication

Supervise collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors

  • manage a coherent customer, subcontractor, and supplier database
  • manage communication with cooperating partners
  • track negotiations and conclusion and execution of contracts with client/investor and with subcontractors
  • monitor and control investment schemes,
  • control compliance with bids, contractual terms, and payment schedules
  • keep a record of contracts, annexes, attachments and schedules
  • keep a record of acceptance reports and track performance delays
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When manual work does not suffice

Manage machinery and devices indispensable for the project

  • book machines and devices
  • manage repairs and technical inspections of construction equipment
  • book other needed resources
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Know your tools’ ways

All the necessary equipment always at hand

  • keep a record of the purchase, issues, returns, and scrapping of tools
  • track the location of personal and specialist tools
  • find out quickly who is using a tool
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Keep an eye on finance

Control payments by construction projects, sites, and resources and eliminate payment backlogs

  • link invoices to acceptance reports
  • control revenue plans
  • monitor contracts with buyers and incoming receivables
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Project Completion

The end completes the work!

Check, analyse, and update prices and cost items to foster the company’s profitability

  • analyse individual items of cost estimates
  • verify and update unit prices in upcoming project calculations
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Project-by-project analyses

Have a full view of performance and profitability of subsequent contracts

  • identify and analyse profit and loss areas
  • update schedules and bids to increase profitability
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Project Planning
Project Execution
Cost Control
Budget Control
Project Completion

The key

The key

Project budget
Cost estimate
Project calculation
Design documentation
Project milestones
Project tasks
Milestone acceptance
Resource management
Cost control
Equipment sheets
Personnel sheets
Profitability analysis

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