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Fit for the electrotechnology industry

  • project management
  • simultaneous handling of several construction projects
  • application and device integration

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Why to choose our ERP for electrotechnology applications?

Full control of cable duct sections
Is cable scrapping generating losses?
Our ERP will keep a record of cable sections in stock along with data on cable issue or cuts to help you reduce the weight of scrapped cable by up to 57% within a month.
Tired of calculating the Waste Management Fee?
Our ERP system automatically calculates the WMF after discounts and yields the final price. Now, you can rest assured that the fee has been calculated correctly.
Your warehouse is far from perfect?
With major improvements in warehouse management, you will optimise your inventory levels and curtail storage costs.
Radio terminals
Lots of work and no time on your hands?
Use radio terminals to speed up your daily warehouse processes, including receipts, picking, delivery to picking locations, pooling, etc.
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Your off-the-shelf ERP does not do the trick any more?
Distribution in electrical engineering cannot rely on a standard sales system. Our industry-sensitive version is adapted to handle the specificity of cable and wire sales.
Not easy to handle multiple installers?
Our ERP manages installers across several construction sites at the same time. The system allows you to control issues and returns as well as invoicing, and you can rely on flexible and reliable cooperation partners.
No integration options at hand?
Our system tailored to the industry needs offers wide integration possibilities: from the Megacennik site to external applications and connectivity with devices printers or radio scanners.
Want to know what pays off today?
Our ERP collects large volumes of data and generates data-driven analyses. Now, you know where your business is going and can make better business decisions.

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How does our ERP system for the electrotechnology sector work?

Delivery and Logistics

Reliable transport

Manage logistics and supply chain to ensure high goods availability and control costs.

  • order and track deliveries and receipts of production batches
  • check your inventory and analyse goods turnover
  • optimise inventory levels
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Investment Projects

Keep records for and handle any project

Manage investment projects at all process stages

  • record project data and handle projects
  • analyse costs and profitability
  • manage supply chain
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Prepare bids for customers

Use a powerful bidding engine

  • keep records of bidding processes
  • monitor the life cycle
  • manage assortment indexes
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Trade in consigned assortment

Sell your suppliers’ merchandise

  • define consignment warehouses
  • align batches with the owner
  • ensure a full support of trading in consigned assortment
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Order Generation

Smart order suggestions

The system automatically generates order suggestions for suppliers, using algorithms that control inventories and turnover rates.

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Full control of cable duct sections

Assortment under control

Keep detailed records of cable sections available on carriers and in storage sites

  • accuracy down to a single reel and block
  • optimal section selection for the commercial process
  • automatic handling of cutting and rewinding
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Reel Turnover

Every reel counts

Keep an eye on reel “owners” and handle returns effectively

  • access information on the current reel “owner”
  • access information on expected reel return dates
  • manage quick reel return at any location of the parent company
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Installer Support

Flexible collaboration

Register issues/orders for specific installers with postponed invoicing

  • control issues and returns
  • perform collective invoicing
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Radio Terminals

Warehouse assistance

Use portable devices and boost warehouse management

  • sales and issues directly from the shelf
  • receipts and picking
  • support for conveying items to picking locations
  • packaging pools and loading control
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WMF Support

Waste Management Fee

Automatic calculation of WMF

  • inclusion of discounts and WMF in the final price
  • adding WMF to specific batches
  • automatic verfication of correct WMF calculation
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Delivery and Logistics
Investment Projects
Order Generation
Full control of cable duct sections
Reel Turnover
Installer Support
Radio Terminals
WMF Support

The key


The key

Product file
Cables and wire turnover
Reel turnover support
Rewind operations
Automatic reel issue
Reel receipt
Cable receipt
Cable rewinder
Installer support
Consignment warehouse
Economic events support
Supply chain control

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