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ERP for the food industry

Targeted support for your food business

  • precise sales and warehouse management
  • tools for SRs
  • compliance with the most stringent regulations

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Why to choose our ERP for the food industry?

Control support
Is your business HACCP-compliant?
Our ERP system for food companies offers analytical and control mechanisms. They take care of  safety of your produced, processed, or distributed foodstuffs.
Series, batches, and dates
Best-by date always comes first!
Our WMS software for the FMCG industry registers series and batch numbers of received goods and suggests which batch needs to be issued first following the FEFO (First Expire – First Out) and FIFO (First In – First Out) approach.
Labels and barcodes
Do not miss anything!
Our systems manage labels for logistics and radio terminals. You can check the batch content any time and automate the reception of goods from production.
Are you reporting losses of goods?
Food products require specific storage conditions. You cannot afford, for example, to delay receipts or make a location mistake. Our ERP system will take care of precise goods management, thus eliminating this type of errors.
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Forced to withdraw a batch from stores?
With the batch tracking and registration of events, goods movements and issues, you will know whom to inform if it is necessary to withdraw a batch from the market.
Quality threats and locks
Best-by date notifications!
Our ERP system for the food industry notifies the user of an approaching product best-by date. It also locks outdated or damaged batches of goods without the need to re-label and move them physically.
Do you want to boost your mobile workforce’s efficiency?
Our system can streamline the operation of SRs in the field through facilitating the flow of information, such as offers or orders.
Do you hire seasonal workers?
In some food industry sectors, you cannot go without seasonal workers. Our ERP system will fully support HR, payroll, and accounting processes in every industry.

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How does our ERP system for FMCG work?

Batch numbers and best-by dates

Manage your product range on time

Receive, issue, and manage goods as well as staying up-to-date with product data

  • automatic recording of batch numbers and best-by dates in goods receipt processes
  • storage conditions control
  • FEFO and FIFO issues
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Inventory tracking

Full inventory control

Record warehouse events and handle withdrawals

  • recorded goods storage history
  • traceability and issue suggestions
  • detailed information on released non-compliant batches
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Quality lock

Eliminate errors

Take care of the top quality of goods

  • reporting approaching best-by dates
  • online lock of specific batches without their physical re-labelling and movement
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Batch numbers and best-by dates

FMCG sales support

Take advantage of effective sales tools

  • support for SRs
  • electronic inbound orders
  • efficient and attractive offer-making
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Error-free picking

Run and control picking as customers require

  • picking by different best-by dates
  • warehouseman following the picking route
  • goods-sensitive picking time optimization
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Batch numbers and best-by dates
Inventory tracking
Quality lock
Batch numbers and best-by dates

The key


The key

Best-by date
Commodity tracking
Quality lock
Batch number
Series number
Goods withdrawal/recall
FEFO release
FIFO release
Logistics labels

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