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We design software that makes business work

Our Company’s faces

Our Company is people along with their passions, plans, development, and needs. We attend to the needs of our personnel and their families, both at work and after hours.

Who do we partner up with?


It’s a win-win scenario

We do out utmost to make our Clients see the value of mutual cooperation and reap the benefits of it. We understand their needs and strive to offer them tangible business advantages.


Being on your own in business can be challenging; that is why we are building a network of partners and dealers to work together for our Clients.

We like it!


We invest
in education

We focus on developing our personnel’s skills and competence. But not only. We organise internships, student training programmes, and programming classes for children. We also attend and contribute to technology events and congresses.

We want to help

We are happy to take part in charity sports events, Christmas fund-raising initiatives, and support kennels and shelters.

We had designed solutions for business long before we grew…
…into a full-fledged enterprise!

Our beginnings go back to the operation of several Polish companies designing IT solutions for enterprises.

In 2007 Anica System, Safo, Softlab, WAPRO, and Incenti joined forces and know-how to establish the Asseco Group, a modern technology enterprise with an impressive offering of softwares for commerce, production, and services across several industries.
Always on the rise
We made a début on the Warsaw Stock Exchange relatively early and began to develop our products in two segments: sales support and enterprise resource management, i.e. SFA and ERP.

In 2018 Macrologic contributed its expertise, competence, and potential to the Group by merging with Asseco Business Solutions.
We work
to earn your trust
For years, we have implemented our solutions for dozens of business clients in 50 countries. We have worked our way up to the cream of the crop of Poland-based vendors of ERP software while maintaining a high-ranking position and being awarded in SFA industry reports.
We are heading in the right direction
Ranked high as an ERP vendor by Computerworld TOP 200 2020, appreciated in expert reviews, such as Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods and Spark Matrix, as well as awarded the prizes of POI Best in Class and Złota Innowacja Retail 2020, we are more than sure that we do “a great job” for our Clients and the entire IT industry.
Our business story
is gaining momentum
We continue to grow by investing our effort in AI, cloud, or #paperless solutions.

Along with the development of our ERP products for large and medium enterprises: Macrologic ERP and Softlab ERP and for small business: Wapro ERP, we are writing another chapter of novel enterprise management technology. By constantly improving the quality of our SFA products: Mobile Touch, Connector, and Direct Portal, we are revolutionising sales processes.

Shortly put, we do not become complacent; we are looking towards the future; we are doing out job now!
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Poland’s leader in digitisation

We are part of the international Asseco Group which has been working
to bring technology, business, and life together for 30 years.
Asseco’s innovative solutions support over 100,000 companies and organisations
around the world in running and growing their businesses.

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