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ERP accounting systems for business

Reliable and complete enterprise accounting software

  • Accounts and taxes
  • Financial statements
  • Analysis of financial performance

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Advantages of our
finance and accounting systems

You waste your time on repetitive activities?
Our accounting software automates repetitive and time-consuming activities. It boosts the efficiency and increases the availability of financial services in the company.
Multiple data sources
You receive data in various formats?
Collected and processed data can be fed either from uploaded documents or through synchronisation with other system modules. This means time savings and smoother daily routines.
Error detection
You want to prevent errors?
Asseco’s finance and accounting systems organise data, remove an extra workload from the personnel, and apply elaborate control mechanisms. The result is much fewer errors in the books.
Meticulous financial analyses
You find it challenging to make business decisions?
The analytical tools embedded in our accounting solutions carefully examine collected data. They will let you keep your finger on the pulse of your liquidity, discover new development avenues, and make the best decisions.
Data exchange
You communicate with institutions?
Our accounting systems can communicate with your business partners and interface with institutions (such as banks, National Insurance Institution, tax authorities). They exchange data automatically, thus improving your financial management.
Reporting support
You are tired of preparing reports and presentations?
Asseco’s finance and accounting systems aggregate and analyse data and facilitate the drawing up of regular and periodic reports and presentations of performance results. Your cooperation with auditors will be more productive.
Cloud-based accounting
You like to keep your eyes on the ball?
Full accounting online means that all accounting functions are available in the cloud. You can access structured financial data whenever there is a need.
Regulatory compliance
Concerned about overlooking important changes to the law?
We keep updating our accounting software to the latest legislative changes in advance. You can rest assured that your company always complies with the law.

The key functionalities


The key functionalities

Turnover and balances
CIT and VAT records
Contractor vetting
Settlements file
Collection mechanisms
Cash and bank registers
Outgoing transfers
Electronic tax returns
Financial statements
Uniform Control File (JPK)

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Additional financial management tools in the company

You can expand your finance and accounting system from Asseco by adding additional auxiliary modules.

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