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  • Paperless personnel management
  • Efficient HR and payroll routines
  • Work and personnel development tools

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Strong points of our HR systems

Single integrated tool
Too many business apps in the house?
Our HR solutions make complete and powerful ecosystems that handle HR and payroll processes. Regardless of your initial choice of features, you can always add extra tools and services.
Greater efficiency of the HR Department
Your HR Department is always pressed for time?
Our HR systems streamline HR, payroll, and personnel processes. Having automated many routines, the HR can save time and get engaged in “soft” personnel initiatives.
Regulatory compliance
Constantly changing legislation generates an extra workload?
We keep updating our HR applications to the latest legislative changes in advance. You can rest assured that your company always complies with the law.
Time sheet control
Delays wreck your schedules and drive up costs?
Dedicated HR tools also manage the working time. Keep an accurate record of working hours, eliminate downtime and gain more insight into costs and expenses.
Paperless workflow
Handling documents drains time and energy?
The convenient handling of personnel records expedites the workflow of HR and payroll documents. The staff use the employee online portal, and the entire organisation goes #paperless.
Automatic data exchange
You transfer many documents to banks and public administration?
Our software for HR departments interfaces with external systems of, for example, Statistics Poland, the Płatnik system, the National Health Fund, the National Insurance Institution, tax authorities, State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, or banks). Our solutions automate data exchange, thus saving time and effort of the HR Department.
Transparent data analysis
Not enough data input for analysis?
The analytical features of our HR systems offer access to the collected HR and payroll data and enable its full analysis. Get the full picture of your personnel matters.
Convenient import and export
You need data as .xls files?
Where necessary, you can always import and export HR and payroll data from the system as an .xls file. This means extra flexibility and comfort of working with the system.

The key functionalities


The key functionalities

HR and payroll processes
Civil-law contracts
Health contributions, taxes, benefits
E-tax returns
E-sick leaves
Document workflow
Working time and attendance
Employee appraisal
Training management

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