e-Commerce Platform

The e-Commerce Platform from
Asseco BS

An online sales platform is the best choice
for forward-looking and personalised online sales.

  • More than 10 years of experience in developing the e-Commerce Platform
  • Various business models on a single platform (B2B, B2C, B2M and more)
  • Fits various industries ready for the SaaS model
  • Adapted to mobile devices
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e-Commerce Standard
for small and medium businesses
This off-the-shelf e-Commerce solution for small and medium-sized enterprises does not require a lengthy implementation process and integrates with our WAPRO ERP.
A free 30-day trial.
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e-Commerce Enterprise
for large businesses
This enterprise-class solution integrates with all ERP systems with no data limits. The platform offers an impressive set of modules and functionalities available right away.
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What business models can you pursue with
our e-Commerce Platform?

Business to business (B2B)
Business to many (B2M)
Direct to Store (D2S)
Business to consumer (B2C)
Direct to consumer (D2C)
Click & Collect

Successful professional relationship with business partners

This B2B solution boasts a number of functionalities that make business cooperation click: minimum order standards, custom price lists, trade limits, or order templates.

It supports pre-sales, transactions, and after-sales as well as facilitating call centre and mobile workforce operations, let alone customer service.

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e-commerce dla branży electro

Sell to consumers and business partners

This selling model enables sales to consumers and corporate clients via one platform, from one place, and from one store, which certainly improves its positioning.

As a result, you save time and money and can start selling quickly and easily in a new market segment.

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D2S-direct portal (1)

Reach stores directly with your offering

The e-Commerce Platform can handle direct-to-store transaction processes.

Three crucial elements must be kept in mind in the D2S process:

  • the ordering process (transactional) with product recommendations
  • digital merchandising (shelf status reporting and proper goods display on the shelf)
  • integration of data exchange with SFAs and ERPs (manufacturer, distributors/wholesalers).
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Direct to consumer (1)

Forge ties with customers online!

This B2C solution can integrate with opinion websites, product comparison engines, and social media. It liaises with the SMS API and can ever run its own newsletter and loyalty programme.

The platform is equipped with tools for creating promotional campaigns, discounts, offerings, as well as generating promotion codes.This is where consumers will find just what they want.

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Direct to consumer (D2C) (1)

Sell directly to consumers

The e-Commerce Platform enables manufacturers to improve customers’ interaction with the brand and to build brand loyalty.

With the power of the direct-to-consumer model, manufacturers can make their products stand out, and by monitoring customer habits, they can understand their needs. It is often the case that through long-term and direct relationship customers become real brand ambassadors.

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Click & Collect (1)

Omnichannel for retail chains

The e-Commerce Platform supports the omnichannel model, i.e. selling through the offline (in brick-and-mortar stores) and online channels at the same time .

Customers can get acquainted with your products at their convenience, buy them online and pick them up, for example, on their way from work, without any extra shipping costs and significantly faster in terms of delivery time.

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for various industries

Our clients represent various business segments, which is why we adjust the platform for the business setting and specific requirements of the customer’s enterprise .

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Our e-Commerce Platform is supplied
in two variants: Standard and Enterprise

The Standard variant delivers a ready pack of e-Commerce solutions and is integrated with WAPRO Mag by Asseco.

For more sophisticated requirements, choose the Enterprise variant to precisely adapt the platform to your specific needs and have it integrated with any ERP system.

e-Commerce Standard

Wapro ERP
  • Sales and Warehouse
  • B2C Online Store
  • B2B Business Platform
  • B2M Sales Platform
  • Online Auctions

e-Commerce Enterprise

  • Your ERP
  • PIM: product data integration
  • Nielsen Brandbank: product data integration
  • SFA integration – e-Commerce: data exchange and presentation
  • VMI: integration, implementation in the e-Commerce Platform mechanism

Check our Clients’ stories

Case study of the Żywiec Group

Olga Zając


We have decided to launch an online store with Asseco Business Solutions because it boasts a rich functional scope, ease of use, and has a promise of continuous development aligned with the changing market expectations. We consider these the fundamental advantages of the e-store. Asseco Business Solutions has been open and flexible enough to make sure that all our needs are fully met”.

Izabela Pająk


e-Commerce by Asseco has more than fully met our requirements. The solution handles quick on-line order placement by our vending operators.This has resulted in reduced order processing and completion times .

Michał Szczepaniak

L’Oréal Polska Sp. z o.o.

We have opted for the e-Commerce by Asseco solution because of its quality, flexibility, and functional scope that fits our needs. We also appreciate the option of easy development of the service in the future. No less important were our previous, successful projects implemented with Asseco Business Solutions on foreign markets, including in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.”

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