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Not only will our e-Commerce Platform for large businesses meet the daily business needs, but it will also expand along with the company’s development. All of that at no extra cost.

  • The e-Commerce Platform with all the necessary and configurable modules
  • One portal, all processes
  • Full communication in real time
  • Integration with any ERP

The platform is a popular choice among manufacturers, distributors, retail chains, and stores, both in Poland and abroad.

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Check our
e-Commerce Platform

Check our
e-Commerce Platform

Product suggestions
Customer segmentation
Order import
Trade terms
Trade limits
Advanced promotions
Loyalty programme
SR options
Soft collection

Learn about the sales models
on the e Commerce Platform by Asseco

Are you a wholesaler or retailer? Do you operate in the traditional channel only and are wondering how to make a change? See what our solution can give you.

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Successful professional relationship with business partners

Business relationships require a different approach and tools in transaction handling. Our platform is able to support the following B2B areas: multi-warehouse, price lists (commercial terms),POS offers, conditional and rationed offers, settlements and trade limits, delivery advice and calendars for own logistics, targeting and contracting, extra functions for SRs or call centres, and many more.

Sell to consumers and business partners

This model combines sales to consumers and corporate customers in one store. In other words, you can position and run your store from one dashboard but create a different domain for each customer segment in terms of information, banners, news, offering, prices, promotions, orders, types of complaints and returns that they will have access to.

You save time and money and can start selling quickly and easily in a new market segment. Go hybrid!

Reach stores directly with your offering

The D2S process revolves around order placement (transaction), including product recommendations, digital merchandising (reporting the shelf status and taking care of the proper display of goods on the shelf), and integration of data exchange with SFA and ERP systems (producer, distributors/wholesalers).

Forge ties with customers online!

This B2C solution can integrate with opinion websites, product comparison engines, and social media. It supports login via Facebook or a Google account, integrates with the SMS API and even has its own newsletter and loyalty programme. Your e-store can offer a chat option, a Facebook panel, social media icons, or payment service providers.

The platform is equipped with tools for creating promotional campaigns, discounts, offerings, as well as generating promotion codes. This is where consumers will find just what they want.

Sell directly to consumers

The e-Commerce Platform by Asseco enables producers to improve customers’ interaction with the brand and to build brand loyalty.

The D2C model (retail sales by manufacturers directly to consumers) enables more effective promotional campaigns of manufacturer’s products and a better understanding of consumers’ needs. Of importance for this model is to build a relationship with the consumer as well as developing their trust and loyalty to the brand. This can be achieved with our original loyalty programme embedded in the solution.

Omnichannel for wholesale chains

This sales model is mostly preferred by retail chains. Whether you run a large chain of brick-and-mortar stores or only several points of sale across your region, your customers will surely appreciate the omnichannel effect.

The e-Commerce Platform by Asseco supports the Click & Collect model. In other words, the platform supports omnichannel, i.e. selling through the offline (in brick-and-mortar stores) and online (Internet) channels at the same time. Customers can get acquainted with your products at their convenience, buy them online and pick them up, for example, on their way from work, without any extra shipping costs and significantly faster in terms of delivery time.

Discover the definite advantages of e-Commerce

Saas Model

Access in the SaaS model

Some of the strong points of SaaS solutions include a guarantee of security, fast launch, and access to the latest software versions.

Other advantages are no need to install the application on the user’s device and accessibility from any web browser and from any machine and location.

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No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs

No additional applications or extensions are required to launch and run an online store.

There is no licence fee, and the cost of implementation is clear right from the very beginning.

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Global Reach

Global Reach

The e-Commerce Platform can make your store available in country-specific subdomains.

Multi-language and multi-currency support is a standard.

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Experts’ assistance

Technical support is included: our trained personnel know the product inside out and can help at every stage of your implementation and operation.

Direct contact and issue reporting as well as quick fixes are among the greatest advantages.

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Extensive functionality

All functionalities necessary to run a business are at hand (e.g. price lists, trade limit, invoices and settlements, multi-warehouse).

Extra advanced functions are also there (promotion and discount mechanism, customer segmentation, sales targets, returnable packaging, loyalty programmes).

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Saas Model
No Hidden Costs
Global Reach

Impressive functional scope
within the single e-Commerce Platform

Find out for yourself that the Enterprise variant of our solution is the e-Commerce Platform plus. Gain more than expected thanks to software customisation capabilities and tailored approach.

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Rekomendowane r

The solution can raise the cart value by suggesting similar and complementary products or ones purchased by other customers as part of larger sets. The customer can also view information about their most frequently or recently ordered products or items added to Favourites.During the customer journey, they are also displayed information about best-selling items, new products, sales, promotions, or new product updates.

Targety i kontrakty

The e-Commerce Platform can help define sales goals for business partners and reward their performance (discounts, coupons, or loyalty programme points/codes).
The contracts functionality is there to propose to and share contracts with clients; the contracts contain specific benefits; once the client accepts the contract terms, they can be rewarded if the contract has been met.

Program lojalnosciowy - e-commerce (1)

The loyalty programme (partnership programme) ) on our e-Commerce Platform is an original and custom solution with many advanced customer reward rules, special code generation capability, programme exclusions, and special reward options involving point accumulation and exchange.

Optymalizacje-logistyczne-e-commerce (1)

Parcel tracking links, parcel locker maps, sharing information on own logistics (delivery advice), geolocation in the Click & Collect model for m-consumers, advanced delivery calendars and customer-dedicated logistics algorithms that control vehicle loads and routes: all these add to the impressive flexibility of our platform.

Szybkie opcje zamawiania (1)

To make the customer journey a positive experience, the platform facilitates the ordering process. It can be adjusted to individual consumers and corporate customers. Tools such as quick cart, order templates, import from file, or direct forwarding to promotional offers enable quick and easy orders as well as reducing the cart abandonment rate.

Zamowienia-dostawy-i-platnosci-poprawione (1)

The platform can automatically adjusts delivery and payment methods to items in cart and allows different charges to be defined for large-size products or deliveries abroad. In the ordering process of the B2B model, the customer can attach invoices to order payments. Any configuration is possible as regards the booking of inventory and adjustment of the purchasing process to the customer’s business needs (liaison with an ERP).

Limity i faktury

The clients’ financial data integrated with an ERP system enable the real-time forwarding of information and documents to the e-Commerce Platform. This capability allows data sharing with the client, control of trade limits, efficient operation of automatic notifications about past due payments (soft collection) and the blocking of business partners based on a pre-set settlement policy.

Obsługa reklamacji w e-commerce

The complaints mechanism available on the platform can do much more than the mere handling of complaints. It supports returns, maintenance requests, store notifications, and many more. The function offers the option of SLA processing, document attachments, notification assignment to specific company departments. The complaints tool also handles customer segmentation, which is vital in the B2M model.

Raporty dla e-commerce

Analysis of purchases, user data, promotional campaigns, the use of discount codes and other data is available as standard and custom reports. The system can aggregate and forward data to analytical tools used by the client.

Why to go for the e-Commerce Platform by Asseco?

Defined and configured key processes integrated with an ERP. Automatic operation of the transaction system saves time.
Orders coming in via one channel and from one tool, always in the same form, and without the risk of human error are a guarantee of a smoothly running business.
Enhanced marketing, sales and logistics processes promise success and measurable savings.
Quality guarantee
Many years of experience, hundreds of completed implementation projects, market knowledge, understanding customers’ needs, and readiness to share best practice. We are here for you!

Choose e-Commerce for your business

Choose the Enterprise variant to precisely adapt the platform to your specific needs and have it integrated with any ERP system.

e-Commerce Enterprise

  • Your ERP
  • PIM: product data integration
  • Nielsen Brandbank: product data integration
  • SFA integration – e-Commerce: data exchange and presentation
  • VMI: integration, implementation in the e-Commerce Platform mechanism
e-Commerce Standard
for small and medium businesses
This off-the-shelf e-Commerce solution for small and medium-sized enterprises does not require a lengthy implementation process and integrates with our WAPRO ERP.
Choose e-Commerce Standard

for various industries

Our clients represent various business segments, which is why we adjust the platform for the business setting and specific requirements of the customer’s enterprise.


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Olga Zając

We have decided to launch an online store with Asseco Business Solutions because it boasts a rich functional scope, ease of use, and has a promise of continuous development aligned with the changing market expectations. We consider these the fundamental advantages of the e-store. Asseco Business Solutions has been open and flexible enough to make sure that all our needs are fully met.

Michał Szczepaniak

We have opted for the e-Commerce by Asseco solution because of its quality, flexibility, and functional scope that fits our needs. We also appreciate the option of easy development of the service in the future. No less important were our previous, successful projects implemented with Asseco Business Solutions on foreign markets, including in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Izabela Pająk

e-Commerce by Asseco has more than fully met our requirements. The solution handles quick on-line order placement by our vending operators. This has resulted in reduced order processing and completion times.


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