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Asseco WMS at the Inter Cars Group

Merit ERP at Danstoker

Safo jERP at BizeA

Why Partner Up with Us

Dlaczego Asseco BS - co nas wyróżnia


Our strongest points are our products, embracing the latest IT technologies and dovetailed with the current market trends.

High-Rating Service
and Maintenance

Our Clients can take advantage of two lines of support. We maintain a professional Help Desk and implement a series of preventive measures ensuring a continuous operation of our systems and infrastructure.

Capacity to Pursue
the Biggest Projects

We are able to handle the largest IT projects up to several or more than ten thousand users. Our experienced and knowledgeable resources are capable of delivering that.

Quality Reflected
in References

Our systems have been deployed for the market leaders in several dozen European countries. Many of our Clients have been working with us for many years. We are very proud of that.

POI Best-in-Class awards
for Mobile Touch by Asseco

The Promotion Optimization Institute recognized us as a “POI Best-in-Class Recipient” in its recent POI Vendor Panorama. It emphasized our solutions like Retail Activity Optimisation, Coaching, Gamification and leading-edge User Interface.

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