It is perfect for large and medium-sized companies, including multi-branch and multi-tenant organizations, or accounting bureaus.

The system supports the key business areas, such as: logistics and sales, production, finance and accounting, human resources and payroll, procurement, fixed assets, high-storage warehouse (WMS), Business Intelligence (BI), and many others.

Why Asseco Softlab ERP?

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    Open Architecture

    Open Architecture

    The system's built-in developer tools allow its deployment in organizations of different business profiles as industry-specific and bespoke solutions can be easily developed if needed. based on the Microsoft SQL database, the system promises its users a high level of performance and data security.

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    Dozens of Functional Modules

    Dozens of Functional Modules

    The users of Asseco Softlab ERP can take advantage of dozens of functional modules covering the most pivotal areas of a modern business.

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    Tailored Solution

    Tailored Solution

    Flexibility, configurability and scalability are those features of Asseco Softlab ERP that make this solution quickly and effectively adaptable to the specificity of the central business processes within the Client's company.

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    Original Implementation Methodology

    Original Implementation Methodology

    Asseco Softlab ERP is implemented based on our proven and long-established original methodology, which guarantees a high quality of every project.

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    Asseco Softlab ERP - Several Access Methods

    Several Access Methods

    Asseco Softlab ERP can be accessed through a traditional desktop application. Some selected modules can also be operated by a web application (website) and Mobile Android/iOS (mobile devices).

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    Asseco Softlab ERP - Unique Change Management Mechanism

    Unique Change Management Mechanism

    The change management mechanisms embedded in Asseco Softlab ERP are among its strongest points. They enable a customization process without interrupting the core of the product. System upgrades do not entail any re-implementation and are done very quickly!

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    Comprehensive Post-Implementation Services

    Comprehensive Post-Implementation Services

    Asseco Business Solutions lends the Client its full support at all stages of cooperation. We provide expert advice during implementation, a post-implementation support to ensure the proper operation and development of the software, and system updates. Part of the services are also provided is the SaaS model (System as a Service).

Functional Span

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Tax relief

Implementing our ERP solutions makes you eligible for technology tax relief!

Our system Asseco Softlab ERP has been positively assessed as innovative by an independent scientific institution: the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Lublin Technical University.

Based on this opinion, Asseco Softlab ERP is a “new technology” within the meaning of the provisions on income tax law; therefore, its purchase for business purposes authorizes the buyer to take advantage of the so-called new technology tax relief. 

A Manager's Opinion


Dariusz Kuśmierek zdjęcie do cytatu

Remembering how important the comfort of work is for the users of Asseco Softlab ERP, we keep investing not only in the development of the functional and technological side of our product but also in the look-and-feel. Besides, we keep abreast with modern technologies to explore new access methods to the application and raise the system performance.

Dariusz Kuśmierek
Director of ERP Development Department


What Do You Gain by Implementing Our System?

  • More efficient business processes, which translates into boosted revenues and cost-effectiveness.
  • More control over the key areas of the business: purchasing, production, storage, sales, logistics, and HR
  • Quick and convenient access to well-organized corporate data, including the commercial, financial, HR and any other information relevant to the company's industry.
  • Optimization of various costs and resources, including material, human or technological ones.
  • Visible acceleration and improved quality of document and information workflow within the company (electronic workflow).
  • Enhanced flexibility in responding to the changing internal and external conditions due to the use of analytical tools assisting in the right decision-making.

Thousands of Users, Millions of Records!

Asseco Softlab ERP has been implemented in hundreds of companies that pursued the business goal of successfully facing the challenges of increased competition on the market.

Asseco Softlab ERP is used by thousands of users on a daily basis; it processes millions of records, including hundreds of thousands of orders, goods release documents, or invoices.

Clients About Us

Wishing to deploy some top new solutions for our company, we were scouring the market for an integrated system that would be capable of assisting in the entire production planning and realization and would facilitate the control and management. Our rapid growth required software that would expand and evolve along with our business and its changing and growing needs. The selected Asseco Softlab ERP has fully met all our hopes and expectations, and the creative approach of Asseco's personnel to our needs helped create a tool that is not only very efficient and high-performing but also easy and nice to use.

Krystian Szypka
Director of Electropoli-Galwanotechnika Sp. z o.o.

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