Report 29/2012

Date: 02.07.2012

Appointment of the President of the Management Board of Asseco Business Solutions SA

Current Report No. 29/2012 dated 02/07/2012

The Management Board of Asseco Business Solutions SA announces that today, i.e. on 2 July 2012, the Supervisory Board of the Company, acting pursuant to Article 369(1) of the Code of Commercial Companies and Article 14(4) of the Articles of Association of the Company, appointed Mr. Wojciech Barczentewicz President of the Management Board.

Mr. Wojciech Barczentewicz has secondary education; in 1989 he graduated from Arts High School in Nałęczów. He completed Management 2000, a management skills programme at the Canadian International Management Institute (1999-2000). His professional career began in 1988 when he started a business. In the years 1992-1993, he was the Managing Director at Edmar in Lublin and in the years 1993-1994 the Managing Director at Sewo-Bau in Lublin. Both companies exported services to Germany. Since 1991, Wojciech Barczentewicz had been an associate and director at Anica System based in Lublin. He was nominated to the position of President of the Management Board of Anica System in 1995; he was responsible for the strategic management. From 9 October 2008, he has been the Vice-President of Asseco Business Solutions SA.

In addition, Wojciech Barczentewicz is the President of the JAM SESSION Art Foundation in Lublin and the Chairman of the Council of John Paul II Institute for Marital Infertility Treatment Foundation in Lublin. Wojciech Barczentewicz is also involved in business as a sole trader entered in the commercial register maintained by the Mayor of Lublin; his business is property rental.

Mr. Wojciech Barczentewicz does not pursue any activity that might be seen as competitive to the Issuer's activity. He is not a partner to any competitive civil partnership or a partnership, or a member of the body of a company, or a member of any other competitive legal person. He has not been entered in the register of insolvent debtors under the Act on the National Court Register. He did not serve in the past in the managing or supervisory capacity in any entity that declared bankruptcy or were liquidated during his term.

Legal basis: Article 5(1)(22) of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 19 February 2009 on current and periodic information provided by issuers of securities and on the conditions for recognition as equivalent of the information required by the laws of a non-member state (Journal of Laws of 2009, No. 33, item. 259).